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It's important that you regularly check in to monitor progress as you reaching and raising your financial goals.You many not even notice as you evolve from the accumulation stage into the preservation stage of financial management. Important items to take into consideration as you review your financial progress may include:

  • Managing Your Investments
    - Assess current allocation and risk tolerance 
    - Re-calibrate any changes that you NEED or would otherwise like to change
    - Make sure you are continuing to save and invest as efficiently as possible

  • Risk Management 
    - Evaluate your current insurance needs and coverage
    - Are legal areas covered (such as a 'Living Will' and/or 'Power of Attorney')?
    - Mortgage optimization
    - Other family/children-based needs or care issues
  • Retirement Checklist
    - Social Security 
    - Retirement Account consolidation
    - Tax Optimization

These are only a few topics that should be addressed as a developing individual or family assess their ongoing financial progress. Your wants and needs may vary widely depending on your unique situation.